Venture Outdoors

Mount Greylock State Reservation:
If you are seeking a memorable day outdoors, we suggest traveling to nearby Adams, MA to visit Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts.  With mountain biking trails and numerous routes for hiking, you’ll be absolutely amazed and accomplished once you’ve reached the top.  There is nothing like the incredible views that the mountains of the Berkshires have to offer; make a stop in the Mount Greylock Observation Tower as well while you take it all in.

Summit Road, Adams MA

Margaret Lindley Park:
If you are toting little ones around, this lovely manmade pond is the perfect spot to stay cool on a hot day.  Offering a sandy beach and shallow swimming areas, Margaret Lindley provides a great place to enjoy the outdoors with your family.

Cold Spring Road, Williamstown

Teamflys Scenic Flights
Want to REALLY take in the beauty of The Berkshires?  Take a trip just over the Williamstown line to the North Adams Airport where you can hop into an airplane and see the views from the sky.  These affordable and fun flights take you through the mountains, over lakes and above all of the amazing surroundings in the area.

807 State Road, North Adams